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Product design by GL SteelFab resulted as the coolest office chair available on the market. It has the look and feel of the industrial or sci-fi military theme. This one can be a chair or seat depending on the options. The one featured on the photos is configured as an office chair with the standard base.

This is an ideal seat for cybergamers with a very industrial or military style without the bulkiness of the typical fighter jet ejection style seat. Options to come: joystick and throttle pods mounted on the heavy duty armrests.

Finishes are available in standard basic colours including bronze (as shown on the picture), olive drab (army green), Caterpillar yellow and desert tan. The cushion material shown on this model is durable outdoor furniture fabric Sunbrella. Other colours available upon your requirements.

If you have special industrial seating requirements, don't hesitate to contact us.

PRICE with office chair base: $1,240 ($930 USD)

PRICE without base: $927 ($695 USD)

Taxes are extra. Unless otherwise specified, currency is in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Accepting PayPal and e-transfer.

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