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Bugoff Mosquito Ovens

Most of us know that the smoke from burning Tim Horton's coffee trays or egg crates keep the bugs away.

Here's a sturdy little oven that will safely slow-burn your cartons, letting you enjoy some time on the deck.

Finish is flat, gloss black or light gray high heat paint (BBQ paint).

Built from 1/8" thick steel, will last you for long time.
Burn box is 4" x 4" x 12" long.

Price: 90$ tax incl.

Qty available: 0

More available: Spring 2023

Currency is in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Roll/Chase Bar for pickup truck (UNPAINTED)

This is a brand new roll bar built in my shop GL SteelFab. Customizable sign, professionally built. Features adjustable width to fit most pickups. Steel material. Contact me for more details.


Bare metal (unpainted) for 780$ + tax

Add 190$ + tax for powder coating

Qty available: 1

More available: YES (upon request)

Currency is in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

GL SteelFab

Roll bar for sale
table for sale

Steampunk Style Coffee Table

This is the real deal! Real steel with real wood. This is NOT a "throw-away-piece-from-China" after 4 years.

This nice little table is built with 1/8" thick steel and heavy duty steel casters. It measures approximately 29" wide x 42" long x 16" high. The top is finished with stained and varnished pine planks.


This table will definitely be a nice addition to anyone living room and will last for a very long time.

Comes fully assembled.

Price: 490$ + tax

Can be shipped anywhere in Canada and USA. Contact me for shipping quote.

Qty available: 1



Currency is in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

GL SteelFab

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