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Product design and steel fabrication by plasma cutting techniques. A list of cool products that can help inspire your own ideas.

GL Steel Fab logo - red on blank backgro

Great tool to start or expand your business. Will lift, drop off and dump 2 and 3 cubic meter bins. Great for delivering pallets when there's no fork lifts around. Ideal tool for moving large ice boxes, cable reels, bulk bags, tool boxes and more.

lugger trailer rear

Hi quality and durable in-cab tipper control valve console for semi trucks.

If you're looking for that extra special sign for your house or your business, GL SteelFab will work with you to get the best possible design that matches your style. GREAT GIFT IDEA!

address sign 3
address sign 1

GL SteelFab is the original creator of the TacSeat Mark 1. If you want to spruce up your office with a WOW factor, this industrial/military style seat is sure to do the trick.  Click here for more details.


This seat was loosely based on the Martin Baker Mk 9 ejection seat.


This one looks extremely cool in any man cave.


If you're a serious flight sim gamer, than this one is for you.

Martin Baker Mk 9 - 1

Keep the bugs away with this little oven that  burns coffee and egg trays. The slow smoldering will last for over 90 minutes. GREAT GIFT IDEA!


It's the Bugoff  Mosquito Oven on steroids. Great for camping, back yard and tailgate BBQ'ing. GREAT GIFT IDEA!


Ideal for the winter camping or for the little shed or camp.


Is your requirements for a computer stand more than just the plain of style? Industrial design and styling is another service we can provide you for your equipment needs.

computer stand 2
computer stand 1

These beautiful fire pits will add that little "cachet" to anyone's backyard or camp site. Choose from an existing design or express yourself with a unique design. These are also great for raffle give-away prizes for fund raisers or a gift for the one that has just about everything. GREAT GIFT IDEA!

fire pit welsh drgron 1

Do you need prototyping and small runs for your projects? We can help you out. We can work with your existing designs or start from scratch. Many clients doing custom cars and trucks can appreciate the time savings of having quality parts quickly and perfectly cut.

CNC plasma cutting 2
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