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When towing companies need to move new and incomplete truck chassis, the mud flaps are never installed. Regulations still require that mudflaps be there. The current practice is to use an old piece of wood and staple cheap mud flaps to it.

The GL SteelFab mud flap bracket offers a high quality system that quickly clamps on the truck frame without tools. Once removed, the kit easily and quickly comes apart to  fits into the accompanying vehicle trunk.

This bracket will save you time and money.

    - No more chasing around for old used mud flaps, sticks and hardware.

    - No need to carry tools that get lost

    - Minimize your time in the bad weather trying to fit u-bolts.

    - Reduced waste

    - Fits in the back of a car trunk

    - Kit includes 24" x 36" mudflaps

PRICE: currently not available

Contact us for more details and shipping quote.

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