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Another nice little piece of product design by GL SteelFab by using plasma cutting techniques: Modern sci-fi style smartphone/tablet holder for your desk or kitchen table. This little guy contains 2 pounds of steel with 5 rubber pads under the base, No more licking suction cups, it holds steady.

The holding plate pivots for maximum viewing comfort.

PRICE: $44 each ($33 USD)

Worldwide Shipping: $20 ($15 USD)

Volume PRICE 10+ units: $40 each (30$ USD)

Shipping: contact us for combined shipping cost

Color schemes

 - Black with accent plate is available in RED, YELLOW or ORANGE.

- Military scheme is olive green with primer red accent plate

- Caterpillar color scheme

Taxes are extra. Unless otherwise specified, currency is in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Accepting PayPal and e-transfer.

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