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The GL SteelFab Trawler-Resistant Bottom Mount (TRBM) is profiled to minimize exposed hook points where the trawler gear can catch. Rather than completely resisting the trawler gear scraping effect, this TRBM complies with the applied forces by simply tilting against the sea floor and popping back into position once the trawler gear has passed.

The TRBM-VR2 was specifically designed for the Innovatec VR2AR receiver. The 2 holes on the receiver bracket are used to secure it to the TRBM. Simply pass a 3/8" rope through the lug and slide it down the tube to secure to the anchor. Only a few inches is required between the TRBM and the anchor resulting in a short exposed profile with minimal hook points. The receiver head remains vertical and unimpeded to acoustic signals.


Total displacement:    1 ft³    
Weight in air:               36 lb ±2 [16.3 kg ±0.2]    
Buoyancy Force:         28 lb ±2 [12.7 kg ±1]    
Crush pressure:          500 psi (1000 ft/ 300 m) [34 bars]    
Metal parts:                 Stainless steel 316    
Exterior finish:             1 coat of epoxy w/ yellow pigment
                                     1 coat of yellow paint
                                     1 coat of pure epoxy    
Biofouling protection: Optional     
Total height:                 39” [99 cm]    
Outer diameter :          9” [23 cm]

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