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ATV Trailers & Accessories

Sturdiest ATV trailers available on the market. Built from 18ga steel and 1" x 2" rectangular tubing, you will not need to worry about trailer breakdowns.

With some cool options available, you can either choose from the standard setup or build a trailer to suite your particular requirements.

Standard Trailer: $1350.00 Canadian ($1015.00 USD)

Standard Features:

  - removable tow bar

  - gas cylinders for top hatch

  - rubber hatch tie-downs ??

  - tires mounted on fixed axle

  - spare gas tank holder in rear compartment

  - large 22" x 11" on 8" rims


  - GL SteelFab suspension, $315

  - Fenders, $95

  - LED rear brake light with pig tail plug, $75

  - Coupler swivel, $75

  - Stainless Steel lockable hatch latch, $50

  - Carpet lining, $150

  - Vents (perforated plates), $35

  - Propane tank holder in rear compartment, $40

  - Military style gas tank with bracket, $190

  - Top hatch rack, $150

  - BioLite 5+ solar charge station, $250

Taxes are extra. Unless otherwise specified, currency is in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

atv wagon
atv wagon

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atv wagon
atv wagon

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